What are "Aerial 360 Degree Spherical Panoramas"?

"Spherical Panoramas" are composite images that need to be viewed on a computer screen.

The collage of photos at the right were taken at the "
Roberts Creek Pier" on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia.

Taken from a 40 foot "Mast", they give an "aerial" perspective.

They are the pictures that were transformed into the larger merged picture below…

This picture is a full 360 degree view from side to side.  The top and bottom was 'cropped' to minimize the extreme distortion.  The  'Flattened" version allows it to be printed and viewed as a regular picture or "Cylindrical" Panorama.  Until very recently, this was the only way a "panorama" could be viewed, as an interesting, but distorted flat image.

"360 Degree Spherical Panoramas"

Late in the last century, Apple's "QuickTime" and Adobe's "Flash" "plug-ins" made viewing possible for some of the new formats being used on the "Internet".  Now with "High Speed" internet access being the norm,  viewing this medium is becoming more popular.

These Panoramas were originally called "Virtual Tours".  New software is constantly coming on line that takes "Flash" to new levels.

To View  the final "360 Degree Spherical Panorama"

Click here, for Panorama "Full Screen" Access page.

The "Flash" format allows the viewer to use "Keyboard" keys, "Mouse" buttons and wheel, and "Graphical" buttons on the Panorama itself.  The Panorama can have "Custom" overlays, be viewed in a "Window" on a web page or viewed in "Full Screen" format.

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